Recognized by DCI & Govt. of India, New Delhi Affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore Karnataka.




The Department of Periodontology deals with the health of structures supporting the teeth. For a layman, that would be the “gums and bone” surrounding the teeth. The mainstay of periodontia is to maintain the optimum health of the tissues and perirestorative, periprosthetic tissues … the newest avenue being the peri-implant tissues.

The armamentarium in our Department not only includes the routine and surgical instruments, but also some special surgical instruments such as electrocautery, desensitron, light cure unit, physiodispenser, implant system and laser unit. The range of procedures that are carried out would start from a simple excision of a truant growth to regeneration of lost bone and tissues. The newest addition to the repertoire of current treatment modalities is replacement of missing teeth using implant supported prosthesis. Apart from the surgical procedures the department is also actively involved in patient education and motivation.

Teaching programs for III and IV year BDS students includes theory lectures, demonstrations, assessment tests and group discussions. During clinical postings in the department, students are required to record and discuss case histories. They are given hands on training in supra gingival and subgingival scaling, root planing. Students are also assessed periodically in clinical procedures, along with viva voce.

The curriculum for postgraduate students includes pre-clinical exercises, academic and practical training to ensure correct diagnosis, effective and independent institution of non-surgical and surgical therapy for treatment of periodontal diseases and maintenance of patients entrusted to his/her care. The students are also encouraged to conduct research activities under the guidance of qualified faculty, to present paper and poster at national conferences and conventions, to participate in various continuing education programs.

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